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Chipotle, the product of a system: Twitter, lying liars, and the nature of ambition

Chipotle was recently outed as faking its way to Twitter fame – but before we vilify the brand, let's look at all the fakery going on inside Twitter. We're all a part of a system valuing entertaining moments over genuine ones.

2014 BMW i3 revealed: It’s not just a new BMW, it’s a new kind of car

With its aluminum and carbon fiber "LifeDriver" chassis, eco-friendly interior, and futuristic styling, the 2014 BMW i3 electric city car defines the term "all-new."
DT Daily

DT Daily: BMW i3 debuts, Chromecast sells out, Apple iPhone 5C rumors 2:57

BMW officially unveils its first all-electric car, the i3, Google’s Chromecast streaming device sells out around the country, and more rumors about a budget Apple iPhone hit the Web. Related Links: BMW i3 Chromecast iPhone 5C
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‘FreeD’ brings 360-degree camera views to NBC football broadcasts this fall

Here's something Dallas Cowboys fans and fans of 'The Matrix' can all get excited about: NBC Sports' new camera system at AT&T stadium.
Cool Tech

Sit still, Veebot is trying to draw your blood

A new prototype for a medical robot has the same accuracy rate as human nurses for drawing blood. And no, we're not talking about the Terminator killer robots - the Veebot uses infrared light, ultrasound, and imaging software to read your…

Car hive mind: Will an NTSB ‘V2V’ mandate make driving safer?

V2V, or vehicle-to-vehicle communication, is still in the testing phase, but the NTSB wants to fast track its use in all new vehicles. Is that a good idea?

The disc is dead, long live the disc: Panasonic and Sony to create next-gen optical format

The optical disc isn't dead yet. Pointing to the need for durable, high-capacity storage in the professional archival business, Sony and Panasonic will work together to develop the next-generation of optical technology.
Movies & TV

YouTubers create world’s first terrible ‘movie’ about Edward Snowden

It was only a matter of time before a film about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden became a reality. We just didn't realize that time was six weeks. Good thing "Verax," the first film about Snowden, is only five minutes long.

Chromecast is sold out in all Best Buy stores across the USA, and everywhere online

Google's Chromecast appears to be a legitimate hit. Initial shipments of the device have sold out in Best Buy stores across the country, and in every online store it's available in.
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Cat daddies: The booming business and emerging ethics of the Internet and animals

Some people have famous pets - and these famous pets bring celebrity-levels of money. So who exactly benefits from an animal's online worth, and how are new media outlets looking to profit on the cat memes we love so much?
Home Theater

Go from clueless to competent with our home-theater crash course

You say you have absolutely no idea what you're doing to when it comes to home theater gear? No worries, we've got you covered. Put down that issue of Consumer Reports and let us help get you started on the absolute basics, written in…

Hands on: Toshiba’s Satellite E Series gets Haswell-ified at an affordable price

Toshiba adds a Haswell-powered Ultrabook to its Satellite E Series lineup, as well as an AMD A6-powered ultrathin laptop. Starting at $800 and $600, respectively, Toshiba's Satellite E Series may be a hot ticket during back-to-school…