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‘Madden 25’ predicts 9 blowouts this week. Is the power going to its head?

Following its most successful week yet with an 11-4 record, ‘Madden 25’ is abandoning the pretense of selecting close games, and instead selecting nine games to end in blowouts.
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NBA 2K14 Review

NBA 2K14 review.
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Dell Inspiron One 23 Review

Dell Inspiron One 23 review.

Tesla’s first crash-induced inferno sparks questions about battery safety [Updated]

Reports indicate that the driver struck a metal object in the road, which punctured the front section of the car-length battery pack. The result was a fire so resilient that firefighters had to use a dry chemical to extinguish the flames.
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Silk Road supporters are trolling the FBI with Bitcoin

Following the FBI's seizure of online drug marketplace Silk Road, Bitcoin users have begun trolling the law enforcement agency by sending small amounts of bitcoin to the address where it's keeping the Silk Road funds.

What’s on Internet TV? Vidora lets you browse it all in one app

Vidora wants to make all of the Web's streaming content accessible from one app, potentially making it a cord-cutter's dream. But can it deliver on what it promises?

Valve releases its Steam Machine specs

Valve confirms a variable set of hardware specs for the 300 beta Steam Machines that will start being pushed out soon to the chosen few users selected to participate in the beta program.
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Logitech saved the Harmony remote in the 11th hour; so what’s next?

Logitech spared the popular Harmony line from an acquisition (or the guillotine) and are now committed to making it better, but the game has changed with smartphone and tablet manufacturers thinking they’ve got the goods to take them out…
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Instagram food porn could ruin your dinner

Documenting your every meal with Instagram could actually make eating it a worse experience. Is there hope for our generation of #foodporn fanatics?

You can win $100,000 in cash and prizes for shooting things in ‘Borderlands 2’

Gearbox Software and 2K Games reveal the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt, a month-long contest in which players can take down daily targets to score unique loot drops and enter to win both cash and physical prizes.
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The ultimate beer chiller spins your suds down to 40 degrees in 40 seconds

UK inventors have developed a rapid chilling machine that can cool a beer down to near-freezing temperatures in just over half a minute. Curious how they did it? Hit the jump to find out!
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The sound bar was just a starter; feast your ears on the sound pancake

No sooner had the sound bar starting picking up in popularity, than a whole new sound solution started creeping its way into the scene. These speaker bases or sound platforms deliver bigger audio than what most sound bar's are capable of…