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Watch out Challenger: Mustang GT350 special editions on their way

The 2015 Mustang isn't even out yet, but Ford is already working on special editions. Including a track taming monster dubbed the Mustang GT350. With a bigger 5.2-liter V8, a wider stance, and massive brakes the GT350 looks to take on all…
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Mark Romanek to direct The Shining prequel, Overlook Hotel

One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek is in talks to direct a prequel film that chronicles the origin of The Shining's Overlook Hotel.

Western Digital adds 5TB and 6TB models to its Green line of hard drives

Western Digital announced a pair of additions to its Green series of consumer-focused mechanical hard drives. It also introduced a few Red drives to the mix as well.

Audi to Porsche: Don’t touch my stuff! – Cousin carmakers bicker over future R8, A8 platforms

Volkswagen Group is the conglomerate responsible for Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and many others. As you may have guessed, each carmaker has its own opinion on how to design its vehicles, and that has never been more apparent than…
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Did Dwayne Johnson reveal the DC Comics character he’s playing?

The star of Hercules dropped some big hints about a future role in a Warner Bros. film featuring a famous DC Comics character with Superman-level abilities.
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Roll your own: LG’s flexible OLED panels pave the way for TV from a tube [Update: new video]

LG has developed an ultra-flexible 18-inch OLED panel that can be rolled up into a tube. The company says the new panel is proof that rollable OLED televisions 50-inches and larger are just a few years away.

LittleBigPlanet dev Media Molecule teases PS4 project with trippy colors

A 40-second clip filled with strobing colors, odd glitches, and a creepy face make up this unusual teaser for the unnamed PS4 project from LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule. Is it supposed to mean anything?
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Peachtree’s deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker on Indiegogo offers 440 reasons to buy in

Peachtree's second effort to create the ultimate Bluetooth speaker is already funded on Indiegogo after its first day. But you can still save some serious cash on this goliath, which packs a ridiculous 440 watts of power, and a bevy of…
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Even Bob Barker wouldn’t have guessed the insane price on Samsung’s 105-inch 4K TV

Samsung has priced its 105-inch curved Ultra HD 4K 21:9 aspect television, and it's a whopper.

Update: Emberlight, the socket that turns any light into a smart light, is now on Kickstarter

Thanks to Emberlight, soon you won't have to spend big bucks to equip your home with smart, network-connected lights -- you can use the existing bulbs installed in your fixtures, and make them smart with a low-cost adapter.

Forza Horizon 2’s first 100 cars include the ’63 VW Microbus and ’45 Jeep Willys MB

Playground Games and Microsoft have revealed the first 100 (of just over 200) cars you will be able to collect, customize and drive in the upcoming Xbox exclusive Forza Horizon 2.