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Pyle lights up your car’s interior on the cheap with a 10.1-inch touchscreen

Jealous of the big infotainment screens in high-end cars and ready to upgrade from that AM/FM/cassette deck in your current ride? Then Pyle may have the car stereo for you.
Cool Tech

VHS-collecting filmmakers urges you to ‘Rewind This’ movie for nostalgia’s sake

It's easy to forget how we all used to rent VHS tapes from Blockbuster not too many years ago. 'Rewind This!' - a documentary highlighting the life and times of VHS format - aims to remind people of the tapes' nostalgia effect.

Rumored Verizon Lumia 928 Windows Phone may swap polycarbonate shell for aluminum

A variation of the Nokia Lumia 920 may be coming to Verizon in the very near future, if the latest rumors prove to be correct. Called the Lumia 928, it may sport a new aluminum body and several updated features.

Dell XPS 18 hands on: An AIO that’s so thin and portable that it works as a tablet

We go hands on with Dell's newly announced XPS 18 portable All-in-One computer. At least, that's what it's called. We think the new XPS is so light and thin that it might as well be called a giant tablet. Read our full hands on to learn why…

Vimeo’s new on-demand feature gives creators a chance to sell their work

Vimeo has rolled out a new on-demand feature for its video streaming service. Pro members can now put their film behind a paywall and set a price for viewing, with Vimeo offering creators 90 percent of any revenue generated.

HTC One launch gets delayed, while unlocked Developer Edition is announced for the U.S.

HTC has confirmed the new HTC One Android phone has been delayed, and the launch will now take place at the end of March at the earliest. When it finally arrives in the U.S., it'll be joined by an unlocked Developer Edition of the device.

Apple Maps getting better: Improvements quietly rolled out for locations around the world

Slowly but surely, Apple Maps is getting better. The Cupertino company has been quietly rolling out plenty of new data for locations around the world, with Japan receiving a particularly large amount of love.

Apple who? Samsung cranks its hype machine to 11 for the Galaxy S4

Samsung has been accused of "borrowing" more than a few ideas from Apple, but by taking Apple's special event strategy and giving it some of that unsubtle Samsung magic, it could be on its way to becoming this year's biggest name in…

Google Now for iOS? Promo video appears online but is quickly pulled

If a promotional ad that appeared briefly on YouTube Tuesday is genuine, then Google is prepping the release of its Google Now tool for iOS. The video looks like the real thing, it even sounds like the real thing. But is it?

Microsoft grappling with Hotmail, Outlook, SkyDrive disruption lasting 7+ hours

A major service disruption affecting a number of Microsoft's web-based offerings which started Tuesday night ET is continuing to cause problems. Hotmail and Outlook users have been having trouble accessing their emails, while an issue…

Counterfeiter nabbed while trying to return printer with fake money inside

Channeling a ridiculous amount of criminal stupidity, a Wisconsin man must not have been too impressed with the print quality of his counterfeit $100 bills and decided to take it up with Walmart.
Home Theater

Netflix publishes ISP speed index to let consumers compare providers

Ideal for consumers that have multiple choices for Internet connectivity in their area, Netflix is offering up detailed information on the average speed of each ISP when it comes to streaming video.