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Borderlands 2 DLC expansion “Captain Scarlett and Her Pirates Booty” is out on Oct. 16

The first of Borderlands 2's four downloadable expansions will be out on Tuesday, bringing with it a hearty amount of piracy.

Growing number of Americans ‘dual screened’ debates last week

When you watched Mitt Romney and Barack Obama debate against each other last week, did you do so on television, on your computer, or both at the same time? A new survey suggests that, if you went for the latter option, you weren't alone.

Windows 8 Marketplace won’t sell games like Grand Theft Auto in the UK, but what about the US?

Microsoft bars games with the PEGI 18+ rating like Grand Theft Auto IV from the Windows 8 Marketplace in the UK. What will happen in the US?

Honda CR-Z Mugen RZ: Is this sporty hybrid’s identity crisis over?

Mugen's modifications should make the CR-Z into a genuine performance car, but its high price and limited availability may limit this hot hatchback's appeal.

Nintendo: 3DS software sales have increased by 89 percent

According to Nintendo, games for its 3DS handheld have been selling like hotcakes. Incredibly lucrative hotcakes.

Our first look under the hood of the Wii U

In a recent interview with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, four of Nintendo's engineers give us our first official look at the inner workings of the Wii U.
Android Army

Is Google’s acquisition of Motorola working out?

Google spent $12.5 billion on Motorola Mobility, but so far, doesn't have much to show for it.

Ridley Scott confirms Blade Runner 2, hints at Prometheus sequel

Thanks to a new interview with director Ridley Scott, we've got confirmation of a Blade Runner sequel and obtuse hints about Prometheus 2.

Microsoft’s Kinect continues to expand its role in modern medicine

Researchers and health care companies continue to find new ways to use Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect.

Rockstar confirms massive Rockstar Games Collection bundle

Four awesome Rockstar games in a single package? What's not to like?

Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank may buy Sprint (Update)

SoftBank of Japan could potentially have a new market to try to conquer. Reports say the Japanese provider is looking to take control of Sprint and enter the U.S. market.