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Hitman returns soon in a stylish turn-based strategy game

Square Enix Montreal reveals Hitman Go, a board game-like turn-based strategy game that will be launching very soon for tablets and smartphones. Read on to find out more.

Battlefield 4 due for DLC drops in February and March

DICE confirms launch plans for upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC, with Second Assault launching for Premium members on February 18 and Naval Strike launching for Premium members in late March.

Sorry Kermit, Nokia’s Android tease shows it’s really easy being green

Nokia has painted its social networking channels green, very green. Although it hasn't given a reason why, it could be a hint about the Nokia X, its first Android-powered smartphone.

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten snaps up Viber in $900 million deal

E-commerce giant Rakuten has announced it's acquired the startup behind popular instant messaging app Viber. The $900-million deal is part of Rakuten's plan to expand its global presence and could help steer Viber ahead of its competition.

Apple apparently on verge of ditching iPad 2

The only surprising thing about Apple's reported plan to phase out the iPad 2 is that it hasn't already done it. With the iPad Air and new Mini offered at the same price or a little more, surely only a very confused person would opt for the…

Xiaomi takes first steps towards international availability with new Redmi smartphone

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has announced its first stop on the road to international availability, confirming the Redmi smartphone will go on sale in Singapore on February 21.

Amazon Prime price hike will hit subscriber base hard, survey indicates

Amazon likely accepts that it'll lose a certain number of subscribers if it goes ahead and increases the cost of its Prime membership, though a recent survey indicates the loss may be bigger than expected.

Motorola boss confirms he’s off to Dropbox

It was on Wednesday night that we first heard Motorola's Dennis Woodside was off to Dropbox, but it wasn't until Thursday that the news was confirmed. Dropbox's CEO said he was looking forward to Woodside taking the online storage firm "to…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Smarty Ring, Corvettes consumed by sinkhole, Sexting populartiy increases 2:35

The Smarty Ring gives smart watches the finger, 8 rare corvettes are consumed by a sinkhole, and survey says… people enjoy sexting way too much.
Game Review

The Last of Us: Left Behind Review

The Last of Us: Left Behind review.

Google Fiber too slow? 10 gigabit Internet is in the works at Google

Looking ahead to a future that includes ridiculously fast speed when on the Web, Google is currently working on 10 gigabit Internet and could have a viable commercial product within the next few years.
Social Media

Facebook expands gender identity options on user profiles

Taking steps to work towards greater diversity on Facebook, the team that handles user profile development on Facebook has expanded gender identity roles beyond traditional male and female options.