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Words With Friends, Draw Something as real board games can’t end well

Zynga and Hasbro recently linked up to offer gaming apps Words With Friends, FarmVille, CityVille, and Draw Something a board game translation. The only question is, why? Or rather, who wanted this?

Meet the actress behind everyone’s favorite AI, Halo’s Cortana

When Halo 4 debuts on November 6, it reintroduces the world to Master Chief, one of gaming most iconic characters. But alongside Master Chief, every step of the way through his journey has been the faithful AI Cortana. In this exclusive…
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What’s new in Windows 8?

Windows 8 includes a new interface, but that's just the beginning. Find out what's important in Microsoft's latest operating system.

Biggest Apple Store in Asia opens in Beijing

Lots of people turned up for the opening of a new Apple Store in Beijing on Saturday. The three-level premises will be staffed by 300 people and takes the 'biggest Apple Store in Asia' title.

Why Microsoft needs an epic Windows 8 launch

With Windows 8, Microsoft faces the same make-or-break pressure it once persevered through with Windows 95. But the market has changed, and it won’t have the luxury of any post-launch slipups.
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CLEAR’s smart card helps you zip through airport security

Possibly a great way to bypass long security lines at the airport, CLEAR members use fingerprints and iris scans to skip ahead.

Couple finds camera buried in mud 20 months after quake, wedding photos still on card

We're always told to handle memory cards with great care, but it seems they're made of pretty strong stuff. Just ask Martin Burley.
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Hands on with AOL’s Alto: A webmail client that’s big on beauty, and has decent brains to boot

A big part of AOL's legacy is email, and now the company - of "You've Got Mail!" infamy - is introducing a new webmail application that groups your various inboxes into one stylish stop. But is there enough substance beneath Alto's gorgeous…

Building the cloud: Apple begins work on its $68 million Oregon data center

Apple has recently started work on the construction of its latest data center, a multi-million dollar facility located in Prineville, Oregon.
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FTC launches ‘Robocall Challenge’ to end telemarketing nightmare

The FTC has launched a contest to find the best way to block robocalls from telemarketers. As if a cessation of robo marketing wasn't enough, turns out that there's also $50,000 in it for the winner, as well.

Is Iran blocking international news broadcasts to the Middle East?

Is Iran blocking international news television from being broadcast in the Middle East and Europe? At least one news channel is claiming that it is, with others condemning the jamming efforts of some unknown body.

Lexus LF-LC Blue concept: Lexus tweaks its hybrid concept for the Sydney Motor Show

Lexus promised a concept based on the LF-LC hybrid coupe, so its showed the same car in Sydney, only in blue.