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Google Nexus 7 sales to surpass 1 million this month, supply chain sources say

Sources in the Nexus 7's supply chain have reportedly said that the tablet will surpass 1 million units in sales this month.

Netflix and 20th Century Fox extend Arrested Development Season 4

Netflix knows that one good turn deserves another. The streaming video company, encouraged by early footage of the show, has extended its order for episodes of Arrested Development Season 4.

Acer unveils new $300 C7 Chromebook with updated specs

Not long after releasing its C7 Chromebook, Acer's launching an updated version with a longer-lasting battery, bigger hard drive, and increased RAM – all for only $100 more.
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HP EliteBook 2170p Review

HP EliteBook 2170p Review.

DoNotTrackMe browser add on protects your privacy when Do Not Track doesn’t

Forget about Do Not Track – there's a better way to keep your privacy: Abine's newest browser plugin, DoNotTrackMe, which puts a wall between you and the online data hoarders who want to watch your every move.

Sony is already hiring for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2

Sony's PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hasn't even been out for a month yet and it appears that a sequel to the game is in development. Creator SuperBot Entertainment is hiring up to work on the next entry in the new fighter series.
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RBH EP1 Review

RBH EP1 Review.

G4 will become Esquire Channel to target ‘metrosexual’ viewers

As part of its ongoing rebranding effort, the formerly video game-focused G4 network will be renamed the Esquire Channel.
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Full screen ahead: Apple charts a course for your living room

Reports that Apple is working with Sharp and Foxconn to develop a prototype Apple-branded TV indicate an arrival may actually be imminent.

EV maker Coda Automotive lays off more than 50 employees

Coda Automotive has only sold 100 EVs since its simplistic sedan went on sale in March. A layoff of 15 percent of the company workforce shows that things aren't improving.

DT’s ‘Better Than Socks’ Holiday Giveaway: Lazerwood MacBook Pro Keys

If you own a MacBook Pro and want to add a classy touch to your keyboard, enter to win these stylish Lazerwood Keys.

Metro Last Light preview: Tiny details paint a beautiful picture

We see how 4A Games' efforts on Metro: Last Light are progressing in a hands-off preview look at several scattered moments from the campaign.