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The cool band will make the Apple Watch’s one day battery last for two days

The Apple Watch may not be on many people's wrists yet, but concerns over the battery life are already in prospective wearer's minds. The Wiipowerband accessory may help cure battery anxiety following its launch.

Listen to Young Fathers’ Shame, Bully’s Trying, and more in our 5 songs to stream this week

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week that are are worth using your bandwidth on. Up this week: Young Fathers, the Mountain Goats, and more.

Nissan’s Shanghai-bound Lannia mid-size sedan is aimed at young Chinese buyers

Nissan will travel to next week's Shanghai Motor Show to introduce a new sedan called Lannia. Essentially an update of the Lannia concept that bowed last year in Beijing, the sedan was developed exclusively for the Chinese market.

Apple has now extended its 4K display support

Apple has officially expanded support for 4K displays and Ultra HD TVs. In addition, it has also extended support for the new 27-inch 5K monitor from Dell. Apple updated its support site on April 10 to reflect the changes.

Mercedes will preview its BMW X4-punching crossover at the Shanghai Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz will travel to this year's Shanghai Motor Show to introduce a close-to-production concept called GLC Coupe. Billed as a smaller version of the GLE Coupe, the GLC Coupe will spawn a style-focused crossover aimed at the BMW X4.

Xbox One gets U.K. price drop, but is it permanent?

As part of its latest marketing efforts, Microsoft has now cut the price of the Xbox One in the U.K. to £300. Whether or not the cut is permanent isn’t yet clear, but given the company's history with price drops, that might be the case.

Monster Hunter gets a cute RPG spinoff on Nintendo 3DS

During a press event at Capcom’s “Monster Hunter Fest ’15 Finals” event last week, the company showed a trailer of a new game, titled Monster Hunter Stories, which shows a take on the series that is at once familiar and dramatically…

No, not that Cloud: Final Fantasy XIII now streaming to iOS, Android devices

Final Fantasy XIII, which first appeared in Japan on the PlayStation 3 in December of 2009, is now available for iOS and Android devices. And the best part? You don't need a phone with 128GB of storage just to download it.
Cool Tech

This rescue dog is finally going to walk on four legs again thanks to 3D printing

This is Rylee, and she is a Great Pyrenees who sadly lost one of her paws in an accident. However, thanks to some kind and clever people, she is going to get a prosthetic made up, all thanks to a 3D printer.

Whether you want it or not, a 4K UHD resolution screen could be fitted to your next phone

Screen manufacturer Sharp is apparently waiting to put a 5.5 smartphone display with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution -- making 806ppi -- into production during 2016, meaning 4K UHD phones are headed our way next year.