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Economics, not digital, is what’s killing off analog film

We always knew digital photography would overtake film, but it's economics and chemistry that are burying it.

Microsoft ‘acknowledges’ Internet Explorer security flaw allowing tracking of mouse movements

Internet Explorer users, there's something you should know: Microsoft can track your mouse's every move, and it won't do anything to fix it.

Nintendo dropped Star Fox, Excitebike, other classic series from Nintendo Land

For as much of a celebration of Nintendo's old franchises as Nintendo Land is, it doesn't delve too deeply into the company's catalog of characters. That wasn't always the case according to the game's directors.

Flickr goes all Instagram on us, introduces filters and boosts social integration

Yahoo unveiled its newly redesigned Flickr iPhone app. Users can now take photos and add color filters using Flickr's app.

French company developing smartphone-controlled adjustable car seats

For drivers who struggle to find comfortable seating positions in their car, automotive supplier, Faurecia, has a clever solution: Bluetooth.
Social Media

The real failure of Facebook’s fake democracy

Facebook's experiment with democracy failed. But it's not just that the social network set the threshold for votes too high; it's that the entire concept of forcing users to read staggeringly long legal documents is completely absurd.

Why American-made Macs won’t revive US manufacturing

Apple’s decision to build some products in the US might make for good publicity, but it doesn’t represent any dramatic shift for the country, or the company.

FreedomPop tackles cheaper Internet, brings free wireless broadband to the home

Move over, ISP behemoths; there's a new kid in town. FreedomPop is bringing free wireless Internet to the comfort of your own home.

The Secret World embraces the modern MMO business and drops subscription fees

Funcom and Ragnar Tørnquist's MMO, The Secret World, has struggled to find an audience since its release earlier this year, but the publisher is making it easier to play by dropping subscription fees.
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Facebook recaps 2012’s trends with “Year in Review”

Facebook published its own list of trends from Facebook this year on "Year in Review."
DT Daily

DT Daily: Dish to offer 4G, Reznor and Dre debut ‘Daisy’ streaming service 2:27

Dish Network wins spectrum for 4G usage, Facebook is rated the best place to work, Netflix says Google Fiber is the fastest ISP in America, and Trent Reznor and Dr. Dre debut ‘Daisy’ streaming service. Related Links: FCC gives…