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Google invests in Farmville-maker Zynga: Bad for Facebook?

A new SEC filing by Facebook's most prominent game-maker, Zynga, shows that Google has also invested in the company.


LinkedIn CEO says Google+ can’t coexist with other social networks

Jeff Weiner argues that, in an already saturated social media market, users don't have the time for Google+.

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Playable TV: Chuck star Zac Levi envisions games colliding with television

If Chuck star Zac Levi had his way, the days of soaking in TV as a couch potato bystander might be coming to an end with the rise of the TV-game hybrid.


Apple quarterly profit up 69 percent as iPad sales roar

Strong iPad 2 sales have boosted Apple to a stellar quarter despite slowing iPhone 4 receipts.


Growth slows as China nears half a billion internet users

The growth of Chinese Internet population is slowing despite two-thirds of the country still lacking access.


Cisco announces job cuts – 9 percent of workforce to go

Cisco announced on Monday its intention to shed 9 percent of its workforce as part of a major restructuring move.


More than half of parents use Facebook to snoop on their children

Keeping tabs on children is a constant struggle for parents. Many parents are turning to the social media giant to help spy on the daily activities of their kids.

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Students build lightsaber-wielding ‘Jedibot’ powered by Kinect

One step closer to arming our future Cyberdyne overlords with lightsabers, a group of students at Stanford used Microsoft's Kinect to build a robotic arm strong in the Force.

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ACSI: Facebook’s consumer satisfaction still lowest in social media

The American Consumer Satisfaction E-Business Report is out for 2011 - and Facebook is still holding down the bottom of the social media category.


Apple’s OS X Lion and new MacBook Airs likely coming Wednesday

If reports are to be believed, Apple's new Lion operating system and refreshed MacBook Airs will be out on Wednesday this week.


Microsoft paying out $250k for info on Rustock botnet operators

Microsoft is putting a bounty on the heads of the Rustock botnet. $250,000 goes to anyone with info leading to the operator's arrests.


Electric vehicle owners get charging stations on GPS and roadside assistance

Driving around town for hours and wondering if there's enough power in the car to drive home? TomTom is bringing new information for electric cars owners through GPS.


LulzSec returns – hacks website of Murdoch’s Sun newspaper

As if Rupert Murdoch didn't have enough on his plate at the moment - LulzSec came out of retirement on Monday to hack the website of the UK's most widely read newspaper, the Sun. The hacking group posted a fake report claiming that the media mogul was dead.


iPhone 4 still works after 13,500-foot fall

A skydiver’s iPhone 4 survived a fall from 13,500 feet, still making calls despite severely shattered glass.


HTC myTouch 4G Slide to be released on July 27

T-Mobile has announced that the myTouch 4G Slide will debut July 27, bringing advanced camera features and a full QWERTY keyboard.

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