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Woman taunts police on department Facebook page, gets arrested

Definitely not a great idea when attempting to conceal your location from police, a Kentucky woman very publicly dared police to arrest her within a post on the department's official Facebook page.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Hackers take over a Prius, Featherlight circuits, NFL Free-D instant replay 2:44

Hackers take over a Toyota Prius, researchers develop circuits that are lighter than a feather, and the NFL welcomes 3D instant replay. Related Links: Hacking a car Ultra-thin circuits FreeD replay
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CBS temporarily shutters in major cities after failing to reach deals with TWC

Unable to reach an agreement on broadcasting fees, Time Warner Cable temporarily dropped CBS and a few other premium channels in major cities across the U.S. Less than an hour later, TWC decided against the blackout. Just what is going on?
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Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 Review

Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 review.

One-man band: Reporters go at it alone with cellular-based electronic news gathering

Wondering where all the news vans have gone? Reporters are relying more on mobile cellular-based devices to broadcast news from remote locations. However, it doesn't mean the news van is going away just yet.

Ford’s big gamble: Will the next-generation Mustang boost the iconic nameplate?

Considering its drop in status as the top American muscle car in recent years, the launch of the new 2015 Mustang could wind up being Ford’s biggest challenge to date. How might it turn out?
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Fool me once, Kickstarter, shame on you; Fool me twice…

Recent news of a wannabe board game designer fleecing thousands of potential customers out of 122 thousand dollars has nothing to do with Spike Lee’s highly publicized current Kickstarter campaign… does it?
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Chipotle, the product of a system: Twitter, lying liars, and the nature of ambition

Chipotle was recently outed as faking its way to Twitter fame – but before we vilify the brand, let's look at all the fakery going on inside Twitter. We're all a part of a system valuing entertaining moments over genuine ones.

2014 BMW i3 revealed: It’s not just a new BMW, it’s a new kind of car

With its aluminum and carbon fiber "LifeDriver" chassis, eco-friendly interior, and futuristic styling, the 2014 BMW i3 electric city car defines the term "all-new."
DT Daily

DT Daily: BMW i3 debuts, Chromecast sells out, Apple iPhone 5C rumors 2:57

BMW officially unveils its first all-electric car, the i3, Google’s Chromecast streaming device sells out around the country, and more rumors about a budget Apple iPhone hit the Web. Related Links: BMW i3 Chromecast iPhone 5C
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‘FreeD’ brings 360-degree camera views to NBC football broadcasts this fall

Here's something Dallas Cowboys fans and fans of 'The Matrix' can all get excited about: NBC Sports' new camera system at AT&T stadium.
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Sit still, Veebot is trying to draw your blood

A new prototype for a medical robot has the same accuracy rate as human nurses for drawing blood. And no, we're not talking about the Terminator killer robots - the Veebot uses infrared light, ultrasound, and imaging software to read your…