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Celebrity deaths and birthdays top the most popular tweets of 2013

Twitter revealed the most popular tweets of 2013, and this year, people were really focused on the tragic deaths of handsome white male celebrities. And the birth of one handsome white male celebrity.

Google and LG reportedly fix common Nexus 5 problems with slightly revised model

Google and LG appear to be shipping a slightly revised version of the Nexus 5, which cures commonly faced problems such as rattly buttons, poor speaker performance, and a SIM tray that just won't fit properly.
Health & Fitness

Magellan launches $150 Echo ‘smart running watch’

Fitness-focused wearable tech is a fast-growing market, with Magellan's Echo 'smart running watch' the latest device to hit the market. As its name suggests, it's primarily aimed at runners, though any type of fitness fanatic is likely to…
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Kik Messenger hits 100 million users, 200,000 joining every day

There's certainly plenty happening in the messaging space just at the moment. As social media giants Twitter and Instagram take an increasing interest in private messaging, Kik announced on Thursday its user base has crossed the 100m mark.

Pebble smartwatch gets Do Not Disturb mode in latest software update

A new version of the Pebble smartwatch's software has been released. Version 1.14 brings a few bug fixes, plus several interesting new features, such as Do Not Disturb and an option to turn notifications off entirely.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Pen ‘writes’ layer of cells, Colombia’s deadly stolen phone market, Russian UFO case 2:20

Today on DT Daily: Medical pen writes layer of cells during surgery, Colombia’s deadly stolen cell phone market and Russia may have been chatting with ETs.
Social Media

Man posts Instagram selfies with stolen goods, subsequently arrested

Definitely one of the stupidest things you can do with a public social media account, a Florida man posted a variety of selfies on Instagram that led the local police department right to his front door.
Social Media

After backlash from users, Twitter quickly reverts changes to blocking feature

Nowadays, when people get upset about something, they take to Twitter to let their feelings known. So on Thursday, when the site made an unpopular change to its service, it didn't take long for the backlash to begin, forcing Twitter into an…
Cool Tech

Autonomous robotic security guards may be headed out into the streets

Barreling ahead into a future that's one-half Minority Report and one-half I, Robot, a company has developed a new type of autonomous robot that can predict crime using an amalgamation of advanced technologies.
Cool Tech

NYC tests thermal cameras, motion sensors to decrease subway deaths

Looking for ways to detect when a person has fallen or been pushed onto the subway track, NYC is testing four separate systems that includes technology such as lasers and thermal imaging.

Top 5 US wireless carriers agree to let you unlock your cell phone

The organization that represents all five major wireless carriers in the U.S. has agreed to policy changes that will allow customers to have their cell phones unlocked within two days after a request to do so is made, as long as the…