New York Times photo editors share how they choose the pictures of the week

Ever wonder how photo editors decide what makes a great photo? In a Facebook live stream, three editors from The New York Times reveal how they curate photos for the Lens blog's "Week in Pictures."
Cool Tech

NASA stitched together thousands of Hubble images to create this mesmerizing galaxy zoom

Now you can experience what it's like to travel to the center of the Milky Way galaxy. NASA created a video of the journey using a series of wide-shot images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Want to see cute cats on your commute? U.K. arts collective aims to put them on the tube

An arts collective in the U.K. has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fill a subway station with cat photos, in place of advertisements. It's an attempt to take back public spaces, while creating something fun for commuters.

Ditch your cloud security storage subscription with Vimtag’s CloudBox

Wish you didn't have to pay that annoying monthly fee for storing your security footage on the cloud? With Vimtag's CloudBox, you don't! Sure, the box is basically just a hard drive, but it saves money by integrating with Vimtag security…

Instagram testing new business profiles that let you create your personal brand

New screenshots reveal that Instagram is testing its upcoming business profiles on selected users. The accounts, which resemble Facebook brand Pages, include expanded contact details and mapped locations.

Face-swap with your favorite Netflix characters on the streets of Paris

Netflix posters that let you take Snapchat face-swap selfies with iconic characters from House of Cards, Narcos, and more, are popping up around Paris as part of a promotional campaign from the streaming service.

Periscope lets you save streams forever using its new beta feature

Periscope is beta-testing a new feature that lets users save their broadcasts for as long as they want. You can use the function right away, with the video app promising that more saving options are on the way.

This is what it looks like if you strap a GoPro to a rocket

GoPro's Hero4 camera has seen some action in its life, but surely nothing quite like this – a rocket launch at speeds of 3800 mph to an altitude of 396,000 feet. So hold onto your seat and prepare to be dazzled....

22 photo apps to supercharge your iPhone camera

Apple's latest iPhone boasts one of the best smartphone cameras around. Give it a boost with the our favorite photography apps for iPhone, whether you want to apply a filter or manually adjust the exposure.
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Instagram is stuffing even more ads onto its app in the form of video carousels

Get ready for even more ads on Instagram. The photo-sharing app is allowing brands to add videos, alongside photos, to its horizontal carousels. Meaning the scrollable adverts on your feed could last up to five minutes.

Side bezels? The Ulefone Future doesn’t know the meaning of those words

Recently announced by Chinese company Ulefone, the Future certainly lives up to its name with the inclusion of a USB Type-C port and a fingerprint sensor. The phone will be available for purchase later this month.
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Snapchat’s custom geofilters prove huge success with users snapping special events

Snapchat's custom geofilters are being purchased by the thousands every week by users looking to mark a special occasion with their very own designs. This despite the fact that filters can cost up to thousands of dollars.