GoPro captures Wimbledon in VR, showcasing tennis from new POV

Wimbledon may have outlawed selfie sticks last year, but this year the event will let in VR camera rigs thanks to GoPro. GoPro went onto the court with the Bryan Brothers to give fans an entirely new look at the sport of tennis.

GoPro announces new backpack and two bike mounts

Three innovative, new products from GoPro will give fans something to get excited about while they wait for the Hero 5. The headliner is the new Seeker backpack, which can store five GoPro cameras and features integrated mounts.

Can you spot a faked photo? Here’s how National Geographic does it

Fake photos are of course a big no for publications like National Geographic, but where is the line between enhanced and doctored? National Geographic's editor in chief shares how the magazine works to prevent publishing fake photos.

Huawei implied photo shot on 5DMIII was captured with its P9 smartphone

Huawei has come under fire after EXIF data revealed that an image it claimed was shot on its P9 smartphone was actually captured with a Canon 5D Mark III and 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens.

More than a selfie stick: 5 GoPro extension poles that put you in the picture

You can call them selfie sticks, but these GoPro extension poles are made for more than just self portraits. They can go into the water, recharge your camera, or bend to fit weird spaces. Check out five of our current favorites.

Will a new law in Japan kick off the end of car mirrors?

A new law in Japan allows automakers to replace mirrors with cameras. Several components manufacturers have already offered to supply the technology in Japan, but mirrorless cars remain banned in the United States.

Tourist plunges to death while taking a selfie at Inca ruins

A man fell to his death while taking a selfie of himself "flying" at the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru.

Capture the colors of July 4 with these simple tips for photographing fireworks

Properly capturing fireworks can be more than a little challenging. Check out a few of our simple tips and tricks for doing so, whether talking shooting speed, image stabilization, or exposure time.

Sigma 150-600mm firmware update fixes overexposure issue with Nikon D500

Sigma's 150-600mm telephoto zoom lens can apparently create overexposed images when paired with the company's 1.4x teleconverter on a Nikon D500. With the D500 still in short supply, Sigma has corrected the issue via firmware update.

Popular mixed-media app PicsArt gets a speed and performance upgrade

PicsArt's slew of photo editing features just got a bit simpler to use, thanks to a speed boost and interface update. The latest version keeps tools like hand drawing and double exposures, while enhancing the app's overall performance.

‘The Secret Life of Pets’ video straps a GoPro on a virtual chihuahua

Strapping a GoPro to an animal is a surefire way to produce some pretty unique footage. And now, it’s been done in the virtual world thanks to Illumination Entertainment, the studio behind "The Secret Life of Pets."

Rumor: Could Fujifilm follow Hasselblad with a mirrorless medium-format camera?

A longstanding rumor received new fuel this week when it was reported that Fujifilm plans to launch a mirrorless medium-format system in September at Photokina. If true, it would offer an alternative to Hasselblad's new X1D.