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These are the sites you’re wasting time on while at work

In the world's least surprising survey, it turns out people waste time at work looking at the Internet. So which social network is the biggest time-suck?
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10 Instagram accounts that reveal what happens on the sets of your favorite shows

If you're a regular couch potato and Instagram user, you need to follow these actors and actresses that occasionally post behind-the-scene photos on set. Consider it a little extra meta material to add to your favorite TV shows.
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Want to know what data Facebook has on you? A primer on what you get and how to get it

Want to know exactly what Facebook knows about you? We'll run you through everything you need to know about your data, as well as how to request and download it. The therapy you'll need after actually reading all this is totally on you…
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WTF, Internet? Technology is trying to make us even fatter than we already are

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of apps that are trying to give us (more) heart disease. Seriously, America, we're already doing a pretty good job of this.
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As art collectors start eyeing GIFs, it’s time to ask: Can you ‘own’ digital art?

An auction house is collaborating with Tumblr for a net art sale... and it's just one of many examples of the burgeoning digital art market. In a world where the Internet passes around GIFs like bad habits, can the medium become buy-able?
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These are the 4 types of people who will buy the gold iPhone

And you thought it was all a joke (or maybe a hilarious nightmare you'd wake up from). Apple has a gold iPhone and some people are seriously going to buy it... and we found them.
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Facebook ‘Likes’ are protected by the First Amendment

A judge ruled that Facebook "likes" constitute protected speech. We still don't advise you to "like" that page advertising where you can totally buy drugs online.
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London firefighters start safety campaign using selfies

In London, the fire department started a campaign called #safetyselfies to spread fire safety awareness through social media. The results are weird, unintentionally hilarious, and probably proactive.
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The best Instagram-made music videos

Instagram has landed a starring role in music videos now that more bands are utilizing the technology to give their content the retro edge. That, and people can't pay attention to more than 15 seconds on the Internet anyway.
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Consider yourselves warned: I found out exactly how annoying Facebook Shared Albums can be

I created a Facebook Shared Album so that my friends and I can share photos from our annual Jason Mraz concert pilgrimage. The issues I ran into make me sort of regret it.

Hands on: iTunes Radio can’t out-DJ Pandora, but it sure does look pretty

We took a gander at iTunes Radio to see how it stackd s up to the competition - namely, Spotify and Pandora. Will it hold its own against music discovery's big boys?

Want some social with your science? The best Instagrams from NASA’s rocket launch

On Wednesday, NASA and Orbital Sciences sent a rocket to the International Space Station - and here's how we documented it. Do we need further proof Instagram is a viable news tool?