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Welp, Facebook now has 1 billion active users

We knew this day was coming, and now it's here: Facebook has officially surpassed 1 billion active users.

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Twitter says: Romney won, Obama lectured, Lehrer lost control

In the court of public opinion (a.k.a. Twitter), Mitt Romney triumphed over President Obama during last night's presidential debate. But it was moderator Jim Lehrer who took the knockout blow.

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Mars Curiosity Rover joins Foursquare, posts from Mars

The newest convert to social media check-in site Foursquare? That would be the Mars Curiosity Rover.

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Facebook rolls out Promoted Post testing to the U.S., and so far, users like

Facebook begun testing Promoted Posts, which users can pay for better and longer newsfeed placements, in the U.S.

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Squeezed out by Twitter, Tweetbot makers introduce the version, Netbot

After Twitter's API restrictions hurt its alpha testing, Tweetbot makers went the developer-friendly route with Netbot, the iPhone and iPad apps.


Taploid turns your Facebook feed into a gossip magazine about your friends (and also crushes your soul)

If you ever feel like your social life is straight out of a gossip magazine, Taploid will make things literally appear that way.


Twitter will start surveying users to measure brand awareness and engagement

Twitter is now offering advertisers a way to measure brand sentiment in the form of surveys.

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Our comprehensive digital guide to the first Obama Romney presidential debate

The first presidential debate of the 2012 U.S. election is upon us. Here's where to watch, follow, and get in on the action.

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Is social media insurance scammy or just plain smart?

In the age of the hacker, is it time we get on board with social media profile protection or is it up to us to keep our own data safe?

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Australians losing enthusiasm for Facebook, report says

A new report from Ipsos Australia claims a new trend has emerged showing Australian users of Facebook are losing their enthusiasm for the social networking site.

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Mobile movie use heavier in men than women, reveals survey

Hollywood has discovered a new way of reaching its all-important male demographic, with a new survey revealing that more men than women consult movie devices when making decisions about going to the movies.


Can Deeyoon video debates turn flame wars into civilized conversation?

YouTube might be getting first dibs on livestreaming the presidential debate, but Deeyoon wants to bring that capability to the Average Joe with its real-time video debate platform.

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Facebook updates the Help Center with a simpler interface and new personalization

Facebook updated its Help Page, first introduced in 2007, to offer users a faster and easier way to solve your Facebook related issues.

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LinkedIn becomes a name dropper and adds 150 influencers – including Richard Branson and Barack Obama – to its network

LinkedIn users can now follow any of the 150 influencers picked by the professional social network for access to exclusive content, a strategy that will help further shape LinkedIn as a platform for content and news.

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Entrepreneurial workshop Lean Startup Machine gets physical with its new ‘Validation Board’

Lean Startup Machine's Validation Board is a so-simple-it's-stupid way to plot your startups' pivots and progress.

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