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Police raid home searching for owner of Twitter account mocking mayor

Probably overkill when it comes to identifying the owner of a parody Twitter account, police searched an Illinois home and grabbed all the electronics in order to find out who's been mocking the mayor.

Facebook will soon let you share your exact location with Nearby Friends

Facebook just introduced Nearby Friends, a new feature that would let your friends know whenever you're in their immediate area. Before you protest, be informed that you would have to turn on the feature yourself.
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How to make money online

Yes, it’s possible to make money online. We sift out the scams and offer some of the best ways to make cash on the Web.
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Study: U.S. teens love Apple, Instagram, Beats by Dre and Netflix

Perhaps not surprising considering the marketing dollars companies invest in promotion, U.S. teens are definitely leaning toward popular consumer electronic brands according to a recent study.
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US Airways says sorry after tweeting porn image to disgruntled flier

If you tweet a complaint to an airline after your flight's delayed, you can expect to receive an apology from the carrier soon after. What you might not expect is a pornographic image to form part of the 'apology.'
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Restaurant researches diners on Google, social media before reservation

Definitely a high tech, if not invasive, way to learn about your guests, NYC restaurant Eleven Madison Park uses Google to search for guests in order to learn about important dates, hometowns and interests.

14-year-old girl tweets terror threat to American Airlines, gets arrested for it

Seemingly out of boredom, a teenager from the Netherlands decided to make a terror threat to American Airlines. The result of her shocking stupidity? An arrest by the Dutch police and a well-deserved grounding by her parents.

Selfeed website lets you follow all Instagram uploads tagged ‘#selfie’ in real-time

A new website called Selfeed shows all Instagram photos tagged "#selfie" in real-time – and thus creates a dynamic exhibit of the selfie culture. While the individuals in selfies stand alond, here they are part of a collective.
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Best Twitter apps for PC and Mac

More than a quarter of Twitter's registered user base may not use the service daily, but that still leaves 750 million. Check out our picks for the best Twitter clients for PC and Mac, so you can manage multiple accounts, view inline…

Silent birds: 44 percent of Twitter users have never tweeted

If you live-tweet everything from your lunch to your horrible date, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re more rare than previously thought. A report found that 44 percent of the 974 million users on Twitter have never tweeted.

The FTC is still as worried about Facebook’s privacy issues as we are

The FTC cleared Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp, but only under one condition: that users' privacy and information be respected and properly protected. Read on to learn more.
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Facebook is getting more aggressive with hiding News Feed spam

Attempting to squash Facebook's problem of user-generated spam, the social network has rolled out new guidelines that will tweak the News Feed algorithm in order to feature more high quality content.