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It’s catfishing season! How to tell lovers from liars online, and more

Lying in the Internet has risen to whole new levels thanks to the act of 'catfishing.' Here's everything you need to know, from the types of catfish to the some of the psychology behind why we do it.

From start to finish, DT’s definitive guide to creating and uploading YouTube videos

Perhaps you thought YouTube was going to be a short-live fad or virtual ship passing in the night. Either way, we're not judging you for deciding to jump on the video-making bandwagon more than eight years after the site's debut. Check out…
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Tweeting for rides? Here’s how to digitally find a driver without getting kidnapped

Recent reports say that young adults are way too comfortable bumming a ride from strangers on the Internet. They need to know that ridesharing apps exist.
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Twitter is a treasure trove of terrorist activity, says the U.S. military

According to a new report, the U.S. government thinks Twitter is a breeding ground for terrorist conversation. The investigation into this was done without Twitter's knowledge,which says it had no knowledge of the project.
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Facebook brothel busted in Indonesia

In today's Dumb Criminals on Facebook News, an Indonesian man used his profile to pimp out women. Guess who paid him a visit? If you guessed the cops, you're right!
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Spotify and want to get you out of the house and on a date, damnit

Just can't get over your pre-date anxiety? stats coupled with Spotify tunes might be able to keep you cool before you head into the terrifying world of dating. If not, you can just listen to it and eat your night cheese at home…
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This intimate picture exhibition isn’t art or a statement, it’s exploitation

A Bushwick gallery will feature a show commenting on the dick pic. But what might have been an interesting examination of gender dynamics is actually just revenge porn masquerading as art.
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Yahoo takes #1 spot, knocks Google down to #2 in US Internet traffic

Yahoo has taken the top spot for U.S. Internet traffic for the first time in two years, knocking reigning king Google down to number two. Needless to say, Marissa Mayer is probably having a very good day.
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You can now embed Facebook posts – here’s what it looks like

Facebook just finished rolling out its embedded posts feature, meaning all public updates can now find themselves integrated anywhere on the Web - so here's how to use the new feature.
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Tweeting triggers are back! IFTTT and Twitter are playing nice again

If you want to use hashtags to automatically post tweets on Facebook, now's your chance: Twitter is back on IFTTT, an automation service.
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All the obvious places you shouldn’t use Instagram

A woman was recently fired for Instagramming pictures of the kids she babysat... obviously. But as 'duh' as this may seem, there are plenty of you posting pics from entirely inappropriate places.
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Hack Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, collect $11,000

Facebook refused to pay security researcher Khalil Shreateh after he posted a message to Mark Zuckerberg's page to prove that he'd discovered a security bug. But now, Shreateh is more than $11,000 richer thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.