Hackers steal up to $1 billion in huge online bank heist

A highly sophisticated malware attack targeting multiple banks in as many as 30 countries has reportedly netted a gang of cybercriminals as much as $1 billion since 2013.

Get more from your Chromebook with these great productivity web-based apps

If you're really trying to get the most out of your budget-friendly laptop, we've compiled a list of the best Web-based apps designed to extend your Chromebook's functionality and keep you working as long as your battery does.

Is the Internet destroying your attention span? We asked an expert

According to the experts our attention spans are shrinking. Has the bite-sized nature of social media and online content had an impact on our ability to focus? Is the Internet changing the way we think?

Broken heart? These apps will help you erase and block your ex from your digital life

Break-ups have happened to the best of us - and so has the ensuing torture of seeing the ex all over our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. If the lure of texting or calling them has become too much, and one more status update from…

Jeb Bush’s radically transparent email dump leaves private info radically exposed

In an effort to promote transparency, and his upcoming book, Jeb Bush published hundreds of thousands of constituent emails, some of which included personal information.

How to make the perfect virtual mixtape for any occasion

Tapely, a free online music platform, allows you to make and share your own virtual mixtapes. Digital Trends will tell you how to use it to make the perfect mixtape for any occasion.
Home Theater

Comcast cashes elderly woman’s rent check, credits bill instead of returning it

Comcast is in the dog house once again, this time for cashing an elderly woman's rent check, and refusing to return the money to her.

I tried out these 8 Tinder alternatives, and didn’t get a single message

Tired of swiping? Try out these great dating apps that put a new spin on the time-honored practice of the one night stand. I did, though I ended up spending my night alone.

Watch: Fiery Italian grandma tries and fails to use Siri

Oh Siri, accents are hard aren't they? Watch this funny video in which a fiery Italian grandmother tries to find out the time in the homeland, but is frustrated by Siri's inability to understand.
Movies & TV

Amazon isn’t the future, it’s the right now, says Bosch creator Michael Connelly

We speak with the creators and cast of Bosch, Amazon Prime's first one-hour drama, about what it's like to make a show for the online giant. Amazon, it seems, is just as normal as any other TV network these days.
Social Media

Pinterest makes a push into ecommerce with “Buy” button

Utilizing the massive quantity of visual content generated by 70 million users, Pinterest is working on launching a purchasing function that would allows users to buy items that have been pinned on the site.

Office Online tweaked to appease organizers, compete with Google Docs

Microsoft has updated Office Online with some major improvements and new features such as a new reading view, more saving options, and revised proofreading features.