Swedish court okays possible extradition of Pirate Bay founder

One of the co-founders of The Pirate Bay is facing potential extradition to Denmark after a massive hacking scandal that could result in countrywide identity theft. That is, if he isn't jailed for a separate hacking crime in his native…

Vevo launches Windows 8 app ahead of Microsoft Build conference

As one of the apps to be showcased at Microsoft's Build conference, the free music video streaming app Vevo for Windows 8 is designed for larger displays, touch control, and Snap mode for multitasking.
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A trip down the weird rabbit hole of Tumblr Girls

Tumblr girls are the superstars of the blog and reblog network. But their cultural ascension isn't always something to smile about, not even if it's for a selfie.
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Amazon debuts group gift cards for Facebook

Claiming to make gift giving "simple, social and fun”, e-commerce giant Amazon has launched a new Facebook-connected feature that lets friends pool their cash for a gift card.

Google Glass: Privacy officials from six nations ask Larry Page for more info

Privacy concerns surrounding Google Glass show little sign of going away with news that officials from six nations have sent a joint letter to Larry Page highlighting a number of questions they want answered about the high-tech device.
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Humanity might be OK because two of the Snapchat Leaked sites got shut down

A few of the Snapchat Leaked sites got shut down, but there are still of plenty awful versions out there. If anything, this proves that people have more in common than we thought: We're all sort of terrible.

GE betting on the ‘Industrial Internet’ with ‘Predictivity’ platform, partners with Amazon Web Services

GE took a big step forward with its plan for the Industrial Internet today by announcing the new Predictivity platform and a partnership with Amazon Web Services, Accenture, and Pivotal.

Google fights secret court over right to reveal user data request stats

In response to the recent NSA document leak, Google has filed a motion with the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), arguing that gag orders over data requests are unconstitutional.
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Turns out Facebook is ruining our relationships as it brings the world together

According to a great many studies, too much Facebook is damaging to your romantic chances. The mixture of constant connectivity, past memories, and digital temptation are too great to resist - and many of us are unable to, research says.
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It’s just like the couch! Yahoo teams with 49ers on a tech-soaked stadium

Yahoo has signed a 10-year deal giving it exclusive rights to online digital content from the team’s techie new home, Levi’s stadium.

TP-Link: food and shelter not as important as having Internet access

According to a new study, people really love their Internets. Out of 3,000 people interviewed in the UK and Ireland, 42 percent of men said it's more important than food and shelter.

MySpace and Jimmy Kimmel partner up to stream live concerts

Now that MySpace is reborn and attempting to win over the hearts of the Internet's music lovers, the social network's teamed up with ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to stream exclusive concert series.