Two commit suicide over Ashley Madison leak, say police

The Toronto Police reported two suicides in connection to the hack of Ashely Madison accounts in July at a press conference.

McAfee has an interesting theory about the Ashley Madison hack

John McAfee, the famous security entrepreneur, has a theory about the Ashley Madison hack. He thinks it was an inside job by a rogue female employee, but his reasoning isn't entirely sound.

Demonstrating the power of journalism, John Oliver may prompt IRS crackdown

Following John Oliver's impassioned Last Week Tonight segment on the issue, the IRS is facing significant criticism and pressure to conduct a more thorough investigation of televangelists and their use of tax-exempt donations.

Stories you missed this week: An Apple Music festival, bizarre bike pedals, and more

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.

UK commission orders Google to remove links to ‘right to be forgotten’ stories

The UK recently ordered Google to remove nine links that presently direct viewers to current news stories that concern older reports that have been struck from search results, as per the controversial "right to be forgotten" rule.

Enjoy this video of a straw being removed from a sea turtle’s nostril

This excruciating 8-minute video of the removal of a plastic drinking straw from the nostril of an innocent sea turtle will make you want to pick up every piece of trash you see floating in the water.

Your Chrome extensions will soon work on Firefox too

In the near future, developers will be able to write extensions that work smoothly across all the major Web browsers, which should mean your favorite add-ons are available everywhere.

Google-Twitter integration arrives for desktop search results

You can now get the latest Twitter updates included right in your Google search results, as the partnership between the two companies extends from mobile devices to desktop Web browsers.

Here come the lawsuits: Ashley Madison faces $578m class action in Canada

It was only a matter of time before we heard about the first Ashley Madison lawsuit. Two Ottawa law firms filed a joint class-action suit on Thursday for Canadian members affected by the hack, alleging negligence, breach of contract, and…

Ditch the station wagon for your next road trip with RV-sharing site Outdoorsy

Always wanted an RV but don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend? Outdoorsy lets you rent one -- much like it's an Airbnb -- for the night or a week. Don't worry; it's insured.

100,000 petitioners want Jon Stewart to moderate a 2016 presidential debate

A Change.org petition calling for Jon Stewart to moderate a presidential debate in the coming year is currently the fastest growing on the site, and has already garnered well over 100,000 signatures in its brief time online.

Quantum computing is a major threat to crypto, says the NSA

In a new advisory, the NSA has recommended the development of new post-quantum algorithms to combat quantum computing, which could render current cryptography standards obsolete.