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Online dating giant AdultFriendFinder hacked, highly personal info nabbed

Online dating giant AdultFriendFinder confirmed Thursday its computer system has been hacked. Reports suggest personal information belonging to millions of users has been taken, including data revealing usernames, email addresses, and…

Up to 1.1 million customers affected by CareFirst data breach

CareFirst of the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance family announced Wednesday that up to 1.1 million individuals, but current and former plan holders, may have been affected by the security breakthrough.

You can now click to shop from YouTube ads

Google is launching shoppable ads on the YouTube ad platform, enabling potential consumers to access products they see advertised right from the video. It's called TrueView shopping and is aimed at driving higher ad retention and sales.

Google beefs up navigation to help you avoid Memorial Day jams

Ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, Google's adding more detailed alternate routes and real-time traffic information. The goal is to provide a better explanation for its automated detours.
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Twitch brings recorded video-on-demand playback to Android and iOS

Twitch is bringing recorded video-on-demand playback to its iOS and Android applications. It's the latest in a series of updates that enhance and improve the mobile applications.

Sold! eBay testing customer loyalty program similar to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been very successful for Amazon, so it's no surprise that eBay is testing a similar loyalty program of its own. Dubbed eBay+, the service is set to launch in Germany later this year.

YouTube takes on Twitch with 60FPS HTML5 live streaming

It may not have managed to acquire Twitch last year, but Google still has big plans for live-streaming on YouTube, as today the service gained 60FPS streaming, perfectly suited to streaming gameplay.

Google Maps in trouble over racist search that points to the White House

On Tuesday, a number of Google Maps users were alarmed by the the very disturbing discovery that searching the racial slur "n---- king" directed them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, better known as the White House.

Amazon now delivers local grub in Manhattan via its Prime Now service

Amazon Prime members can now order baked goods, prepared meals, and groceries from a few local establishments through Prime Now. For now the new local deliveries are only available in Manhattan, but will expand to other Prime Now cities…

Tech cities top list of 25 best places to find a job

They may not be Silicon Valley in California or Silicon Alley in New York, but there's certainly a trend within Glassdoor's list of the "25 Best Cities for Jobs" — they lean towards tech.
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Delta enlists Keyboard Cat, Double Rainbow Dude, Dramatic Chipmunk for new safety video

For its latest in-flight safety video, Delta Air Lines has called on some of the best Internet memes to make a cameo. While entertaining, Delta says the intention is to capture passengers' attention during an important moment.

The User Is My Mom will review your site for $75

Ascribing to the idea that if your mom can't figure it out, it's probably too complicated, one mother is braving the depths of the Internet to review your website, all for the bargain price of $75.