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IBM and The Weather Company's new tech delivers alerts with no cell network

IBM and The Weather Company have pioneered a mesh network technology capable of delivering real-time alerts to smartphone users in developing nations. It's launching in the coming weeks.
Product Review

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Review

Blame it on the bokeh: Xiaomi’s Mi5S Plus is frustratingly close to being a winner.

Google’s virus-scanning Verify Apps feature for Android now reveals its secrets

Verify Apps, the Android tool that checks new and installed software against a list of known malware, is now a little more transparent about what it's scanning. The update's appearing for some Android device users.

Nearly 1.5 billion smartphones were sold in 2016, a 5 percent increase from 2015

The Galaxy Note 7 is still hurting Samsung. Apple has surpassed the South Korean giant in selling more smartphones globally in 2016's fourth quarter. It's a thin lead -- it only sold 256,000 more than Samsung's 76.78 million units.

The Google Assistant can now call up personal info via Allo

The Google Assistant, Google's eponymous personal helper, can now call up and share info in the Allo app for Android. It's the first of Google's platforms to gain the new features.

Got an Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch? You can finally use it to hail an Uber ride

Attention Android Wear smartwatch owners -- you can finally hail an Uber from your wrist. Support for the Wear app was announced at I/O 2015, but it has taken the ride-booking company a whopping 21 months to deliver.

Meizu's new M5s has one important change over the old M5: Android

Meizu's first phone of 2017 is here, and it's the M5s, a slightly updated version of the older M5, but with one crucial change. The new phone won't challenge any range-topping phones, but at less than $145, it doesn't need to.

Secure video calling is now available on encrypted messaging app Signal

In an effort to compete with other messaging services, Open Whisper System's Signal -- a secure chat service known for its commitment to privacy -- now lets users make encrypted video calls.

BlackBerry adds visual note-taking app Notable to its productivity suite

BlackBerry is adding to its Hub+ Android productivity suite with a screen capture markup app called Notable that's now available for some BlackBerry devices and coming to other phones at a later date.

Some Pixel and Nexus owners can begin using Android Instant Apps now

Last month, Google announced a limited test for Android Instant Apps, a platform that allows users to run software without installing it to their device. Now, the feature has reportedly reached some Nexus and Pixel phones.

Fight temptation: Protect Android phones against unwanted in-app purchases

It's all too easy for little ones to rack up a giant bill using in-app purchases, so it pays -- no pun intended -- to make sure your account is properly protected. Here's how to do so on your Android device,

Cringe your way through this Valentine’s Day ad for the OnePlus 3T

Would you lick your smartphone? Do you want to watch other people do it? If the answer to those questions is yes, then check out OnePlus's Valentine's Day themed ad for the OnePlus 3T. Yes, it's pretty weird.