Product Review

AOC U2868PQU Review

The AOC U2868PQU 4K monitor falls short of greatness.
Game Review

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Review

When home is far from the range, the Optishot2 puts the range in your home.

Buying a PC this year? Here’s what you need to know about bloatware

Bloatware has been on the decline in the PC space, but problems like Lenovo's SuperFish debacle prove it's not a dead issue yet. Here's what you need to know about bloatware on modern computers.

Optional Tracking Protection feature in Firefox also speeds up web browsing

With all the recent reports of just how far certain companies go to track users web browsing habits, it makes sense that you might want to opt out of tracking whenever you can. And it seems that there is another benefit to this, at least…

Google warns that security questions aren’t that secure

According to new research from Google, security questions aren't as secure as their name would imply. The research also shows that most people say their favorite food is pizza and can't remember their library card number.

Redmond rumble: Microsoft’s Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 go head-to-head

The Microsoft Surface 3 and Pro 3 look very similar at a glance, but they in fact are completely different devices. Deciding which is right for you is only possible by carefully comparing them side-by-side.

The Void will use reality to transport you to a virtual world

Virtual reality headsets can create immersive visuals, but they can't mimic the physicality of a virtual world. That's a problem The Void seeks to solve by blending the VR experience with custom-built physical playgrounds.

Touchscreen PCs and laptops are all the rage, but are they worth the hype?

Touchscreen PCs and laptops are everywhere, but with so many different options and potential applications, how do you know the technology is right for you?

Build your own arcade machine this weekend! We’ll show you how

Consoles and TVs are so last year! Instead, build your own arcade cabinet from an old computer and some new arcade controls.

Senate blocks USA Freedom Act on data collection reform

What's next for online surveillance legislation and data privacy? The USA Freedom Act breezed through the House of Representatives last week but has been stopped in its tracks at the Senate.

AMD and Nvidia slap-fight over hair in ‘The Witcher 3’

AMD and Nvidia are arguing about hair again, and user on both sides have picked up their pitchforks and torches to join the battle. Ultimately, though, everyone loses.

Google executive vows to do better after racists results appear in Google Maps

Following the PR nightmare of the racist Google Maps search for "n---- house" that landed users at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Google has issued an official apology by vice president of Engineering and Product Management Jen Fitzpatrick.