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The Moon is a floating eyeball that can control and monitor your house

If you're looking for an elegant hi-tech centerpiece for your smart house, the Moon is a floating camera with a 360-degree range that can monitor your house and integrate with all your connected devices.
Emerging Tech

Live the experience of Blade Runner with the free VR experience 'Memory Lab'

The free VR experience 'Memory Lab' puts you in the shoes of a replicant Blade Runner on the streets of Los Angeles in 2049 as you try to cover up evidence of your own horrific crime.
Emerging Tech

Like a rocket-powered limo, Boosted’s new board boasts a smooth, fast ride

After riding around on the new Boosted 2 Dual+ for the past few weeks, we’re convinced you can’t find a smoother electric longboard on the market right now.
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The top 10 most expensive drones that you (a civilian) can buy

Okay, these drones may be a bit beyond your budget: Check out the most expensive drones in the world, from industrial giants to highest-end filming tools.
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Diary from the future: Augmented Reality, circa 2027

If you don’t understand the appeal of augmented reality yet, just wait 10 years. Or save yourself a decade and read this account of what day-to-day life with AR will be like 2027.
Emerging Tech

Crowdfunding conundrum: Why the magic device you backed may never show up

Expectation and reality don’t always mesh when it comes to Kickstarter and Indiegogo products, especially if you’ve waited years for them to arrive. What causes those long delays anyway?

Red Bull Music Academy uses 100 cars to make the largest synth orchestra ever

For Red Bull Music Academy Festival, artist Ryoji Ikeda used 100 cars to create the largest synth orchestra ever. Each car was attached to a sine wave synthesizer controlling the octave and volume the note 'A' sounds.

Weekly Rewind: The new Moto, a 12-year-old’s lead-detection invention, and more

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of it. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top tech stories from this week.
Emerging Tech

DHL's mail robot carries heavy loads and frees up the hands of delivery workers

DHL is conducting trials of a new autonomous "PostBOT" robot that helps delivery workers by carrying the mail for them. It can deal with loads of up to 330 pounds and keeps close to the deliverer by tracking their legs.
Emerging Tech

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos standing on top of a giant wind turbine is a sight to behold

One way to get more people to hear about your new wind farm is to make a video of yourself standing on top of a turbine and smashing a bottle of champagne on it, which is precisely what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went and did.
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Newly discovered moon cave could house mankind’s first lunar colony

After decades of speculation, a team of researchers has confirmed a vast lava tube beneath the lunar surface. Geological formations like this could one day be used as a moon base to shelter astronauts.
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Astrophysicists want to shield Earth from solar flares with … a giant magnet?

A huge solar flare could hit Earth in the next century, and these scientists think a massive loop of conducive wire could save us from destruction.