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Prince surprise-dropped Hit N Run: Phase Two on Tidal

The Purple one has surprise-released a 12 track collection featuring the protest song Baltimore, and the upbeat single Stare. The record is the artist's fourth project in two years. 

Taylor Swift’s The 1989 World Tour doc to stream only on Apple Music

The Blank Space and Bad Blood singer has announced an exclusive deal to stream The 1989 World Tour tour doc on Apple Music. The tour doc will include an entire live set from an Australian show, backstage footage and musical guest…
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TabletTV gives your tablet over-the-air channels for $90, no Wi-Fi needed

TabletTV is a portable device that tunes in free over-the-air HDTV and streams them to your tablet or records them for later viewing. We never would have imagined we'd end up using it so often. Click through to see our full impressions.
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Google Play Movies iOS app now features AirPlay support

An update to the Google Play Movies & TV app brings good news to Apple TV owners. The app has added AirPlay support, allowing users to stream content straight from their phone to an Apple TV.

Watch Taylor Swift rock Shake It Off acoustically for intimate crowd

Taylor Swift took some time off from her busy touring schedule in Australia this week to perform an acoustic set for a crowd of less than 100. The pop star showcased hits like Shake It Off, Wildest Dreams, Out of the Woods, and Blank Space…

The Weeknd faces lawsuit over unlicensed sample in 2015 hit The Hills

Cutting Edge Music filed a lawsuit against R&B act The Weeknd, alleging that the pop star used a sample from the score of a sci-fi film called The Machine for his 2015 hit The Hills. The single has sold 2.4 million digital copies since its…
Smart Home

MindMeld's voice activation will let you search Spotify and control your smart home

Expect more devices to add voice searches and features. MindMeld has launched a new platform to help businesses add such capabilities to their websites, devices, and apps. Services like Spotify are currently in trial.

Warner Music CEO says music streamers will consolidate to dominate

While two major new players launched in the music streaming business in 2015, Warner Music's Stephen Cooper expects future 'industry consolidation.' Spotify is currently the market-leading music streamer with 75 million users, including 20…
Product Review

Throw open those blinds! Panasonic's CX850U shines even when the sun doesn't

Panasonic’s CX850U 4K UHD LED TV offers performance, but finding one you can actually buy may prove to be an unacceptable challenge.
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The Yahoo Video Guide App for Streaming Sites Helps You Decide What to Watch

The new Yahoo Video Guide app contains listings and recommendations for all your favorite streaming sites, including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and dozens of TV networks. The app is available now for iOS and Android.
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Will Ferrell & Billy Eichner take to the streets of New York in Christmas onesies

WIll Ferrell hilariously took to the streets of New York alongside Billy Eichner for an episode of Billy on the Street, both wearing Christmas onesies, to ask unsuspecting passers-by about Christmas movies.