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Watch Prince’s storied performance of Radiohead’s Creep from Coachella ’08

Prince, whose hostility towards the internet is quite public, has allowed his storied performance of Radiohead's Creep to hit the web. It's a soulful, downright stunning 8 minute long take on the legendary alt rock song. 

Drake’s record label reportedly forgot to submit Hotline Bling to the Grammys

Drake's megahit Hotline Bling didn't receive any Grammy nominations, but there's a simple reason why: it wasn't nominated. The mistake was 'due to a clerical error on the part of label Cash Money,' according to a trade publication. 
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Fuller House uses real life to explain Olsen Twins absence — sort of

With Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen declining to appear on Netflix's Fuller House, show creators had to come up with an explanation for Michelle Tanner's absence, and they've reportedly used real-life inspiration.

Spotify reportedly in ‘private talks’ to limit free streaming options

Spotify may allow artists the option to limit music available to free, ad-supported users. Its previous requirement to give both free and paid subscribers full streaming access led to musicians like Taylor Swift and Radiohead boycotting the…
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Watch Nick Offerman sip scotch in this epic new yule log video

What's better than watching a crackling fire on your TV? Watching internet totem of comic masculinity Nick Offerman sip scotch next to a crackling fire on your TV!
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Starz, Showtime, and more can now be added to your Amazon Prime account

Good news, cord cutters: Amazon Prime has just launched its Streaming Partners Program, which allows members to trial and sign up for streaming subscriptions, including Starz, Showtime, and more, through their account.
Social Media

Bad news for spoilers: Live-tweeting boosts Twitter TV impressions

According to Nielsen, live-tweeting during television shows is responsible for 57 percent of TV impressions, resulting in higher ratings and better promotional periods versus tweeting TV shows during the week.
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Sling TV CEO says Comcast data caps could crush Internet TV

The CEO of internet-based TV provider Sling TV called out Comcast in a recent interview, saying that the cable company is installing bandwidth caps to damage outside streaming companies.
Product Review

B&W's Zeppelin Wireless casts off its tethers to float higher than ever

British audio outfit, Bowers & Wilkins, reprises the Zeppelin once again, this time in the form of a completely wireless speaker, which the company claims was completely redesigned from the ground up.
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Weed, sex, and race relations headline Chelsea Handler’s new docuseries on Netflix

The first trailer has been releases for the upcoming Netflix docuseries Chelsea Does, which is set to debut on January 23 on the streaming site. And it's everything you'd hope from the crass, no-holds-barred comedian.

Legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart calls it quits

Legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart has said that he's retired from music after having trouble with tendinitis. 'There comes a time to … take yourself out of the game,' explained Peart.