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‘Play My Way’ can ease gamblers’ losses at slot machines

"Play My Way" is a program that allows gamblers to set limits on their play at slot machines. Massachusetts will be the first state to test the feature, which will be entirely optional.
Movies & TV

Daredevil Season 2 Review: Still Kicking In All The Right Ways

Marvel's critically acclaimed Daredevil series on Netflix returns in a big way with a second season that tackles more heady subject matter while still hitting harder than just about anything else on television.
Movies & TV

Between the Streams talks X-Men: Apocalypse, Daredevil, Sausage Parties and more

Between the Streams, DT’s newest show/podcast is your guide to all of the most important, and (of course) dumbest new developments in streaming and entertainment. This week: X-Men Apocalypse, Daredevil, Sausage Party, and more.
Smart Home

You’ll soon be able to redesign your kitchen using Microsoft’s HoloLens at Lowe’s

You'll soon be able to redesign your kitchen using the Microsoft HoloLens at certain Lowe's stores. The headset will allow users to start with a completely bare kitchen, then add the components that they want.

Jaguar’s XJ sedan will live on as a hybridized luxury elite

Autocar is reporting that Jaguar executives have decided not to scrap its XJ sedan after all, but instead will reinvent it as a hybrid halo model to compete with elite luxury manufacturers.
Home Theater

Sony successfully streams first live North American soccer game in 4K

If your the type of sports fan that likes to see every bead of sweat and blade of grass during your favorite team's broadcasts, 4K streaming could be your ticket to a truly immersive experience.

Google Maps lets you change your home and work icons

The latest Google Maps update lets you change your home and work images into various different icons, from a dragon or a castle, to a windmill or a crane. The update should be available on Android now.

The Galaxy S7 Edge has the top-ranked smartphone camera

Samsung promised the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge would have amazing cameras, and boy did it deliver. Popular camera review site DxoMark review the S7 Edge and declared it the best smartphone camera in the world.

‘Music is suffering’ On 99¢, Santigold calls to fix a broken streaming biz

On her latest album 99 Cents, Santigold challenges the streaming music-biz model that brought us the likes of Spotify without losing the energetic bounce that vaulted her to stardom.
Emerging Tech

Sneaky new drone can hide under water for months, then float to the surface to take off

Even after being submerged underwater for two months, Johns Hopkins' CRACUNS drone has the ability to rise to the surface and conduct aerial missions. The University's Applied Physics Laboratory calls the drone a "success" for sponsors.

Report: Sony preparing to launch 4K-capable “PS4.5”

Sony may be preparing to release a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4, anecdotally referred to as the PlayStation 4.5, with a more powerful GPU