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Thomas Keller is putting French Laundry's kitchen up for sale

Getting a reservation at French Laundry may be notoriously difficult, but now for the right price, you can sit at the chef's table. Thomas Keller is putting the old cooking space up for sale.
Social Media

Zuckerberg talks business culture at China Development Forum despite Facebook ban

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ditched his infamous grey t-shirt for a suit and flexed his Chinese alongside Alibaba Group Holding co. CEO Jack Ma onstage at the China Development Forum in Beijing.
Emerging Tech

Weekend Workshop: Wrap modern tech in retro style with a DIY Bluetooth Boombox

Bose makes a great Bluetooth speaker, no doubt, but why not try building one yourself? Thanks to a comprehensive walkthrough on Instructables, anyone can put together their own Bluetooth boombox in a matter of hours.

Contra, please? MercurySteam teams up with former Konami producer

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer MercurySteam and former Konami producer Dave Cox are reuniting for an unannounced new game. The developer's website suggest it will be entering science-fiction territory.

Report: 14 million Apple Watches will be shipped in 2016, good for half the market

In 2016, 14.0 million Apple Watches will be shipped around the world, good for nearly half of the market. Android Wear smartwatches will follow with 6.1 million units, or 21.4 percent of the market.
Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are trying to acquire rights to stream live TV content

If Facebook and Twitter get their way, you’ll be able to stream live TV content via their social media platforms. The two companies are vying for rights to do so, according to a report from the New York Post.
Emerging Tech

Commercial jet almost collides with drone near LAX sparking police search for UAV’s pilot

A near-miss encounter between a Lufthansa commercial jet and a drone near Los Angeles International Airport has resulted in a police search for the UAV's pilot, who is still at large.

Who’s tracking your fitness tracker? We asked an expert

Many of us wear fitness trackers 24/7, so they can collect data on our activity, but there’s a danger that someone else could access that information. How secure are fitness trackers and what are the risks? We asked an expert.

Don’t use your phone at the theater or you may get a laser in your face

A London theater has had enough of people using their smartphones during performances, and is considering pointing lasers at offending audience members to shame them into switching off their device.
Social Media

Lost a glove or a sock? Tom Hanks could help you find it

When not acting or producing Hollywood blockbusters, Tom Hanks likes to tweet items of lost clothing he stumbles across while out and about in NY City. And sometimes those items even end up being returned to their original owner!

Give your digital photos an Old Master look with eWilner Frames app

If presentation is everything, then sometimes, it's really the frame that makes the art. That'll be the case when you start framing your digital art with the eWilner Frames app, which lets you elevate selfies with frames fit for a Picasso.

PC requirements for Epic’s Paragon are surprisingly tame

In an official FAQ published by Epic Games, the minimum and recommended PC hardware specs for Paragon's recently released early access edition have been revealed -- and it's surprisingly not too demanding.