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Snapchat’s new music channels highlight artists, tracks, and live performances

Snapchat las launched a series original music channels within the Discovery section of its app. The Year-in-Review series features notable artists, tracks, recommendations and exclusive video content.
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Twitter updates its rules to include hateful conduct and self-harm policies

Twitter has introduced a number of changes to its Twitter rules in regard to what it deems "abusive behavior." The update sees it clarify its policies regarding hate speech and reports on self-harm, as well as the publishing of confidential…
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Space races and virtual places: The 10 most innovative tech companies of the year

We don't always do this, but 2015 was so packed full of great innovations that we decided to craft a list of our favorite innovative tech companies of the year. Find out if your favorite company made the list!
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Hilarious new Tumblr blog pokes fun at Tinder’s ‘Male Feminists’

A new Tumblr from comedian and writer Lane Moore calls out male Tinder users that proclaim themselves "feminists" on their profiles on the dating app. "Male Feminists of Tinder" is a hilarious take on the superficial nature of the dating…
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Twitter appoints former Apple exec as its new head of diversity and inclusion

Twitter has appointed a former Apple exec Jeffery Siminoff as its new head of diversity and inclusion. Siminoff's appointment comes amidst mounting pressure over the lack of diversity in the company's workforce.
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Hollywood just caught some major movie pirates through Facebook, report reveals

Hollywood's anti-piracy group FACT led the UK police to several of the country's most-prolific movie pirates, responsible for illegally sharing 2,500 films online, via the culprits' Facebook profiles.
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Mark Hamill is authenticating signed Star Wars merchandise for fans on Twitter

Actor Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, is helping fans authenticate signed Star Wars merchandise on Twitter. Hamill is currently responding to questions regarding autographed memorabilia on the platform.
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Zuckerberg goes on the offensive, blasts critics of Free Basics

Facebook's chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has penned an opinion piece in the Times of India, defending the company's Free Basics program, which offers a selection of services without using any of the user's mobile data.

Weekly Rewind: SpaceX succeeds, Beatles finally stream, X-ray vision arrives

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. It's too much to keep track of, so here are the top 10 tech stories you may have missed this week. We've got everything from SpaceX's historic landing to Kim Kardashian's butt emoji.
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The worst social media celeb screw-ups ever

Celebrities may be worshipped, but on social media, they are as human as the rest of us. Here are some of the most disastrous social media fails that celebrities (and wannabe stars) have ever been involved in.
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Jack Dorsey tells Product Hunt how he runs two billion-dollar companies

Now, thanks to a question and answer session on Product Hunt, Jack Dorsey has revealed just how he does the near-impossible task of running two billion-dollar companies, and how he manages "to keep from being overwhelmed."
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It’s not too late! These last-minute gifts will still thrill them

Gift giving can be a delicate process, especially when you've left it up to the last minute. Check out our picks for the best last-minute gifts, whether your recipient is an audio aficionado or a soon-to-be world traveler.
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Forget Christmas cards, use these social media tips to share great festive posts instead

This holiday season, replace the quaint act of handing out Christmas cards with social media greetings. From Snapchat to Pinterest, use these networks to create personalized messages for all your friends and family.

Chicago rapper King Louie shot in the head according to reports on Twitter

Rapper King Louie has survived a shooting and is currently recovering in hospital. According to reports on Twitter, King Louie was rushed to hospital after being shot in the head whilst in Ashburn, Chicago.
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A WhatsApp bug crashes the app using just smiley emojis

A WhatsApp bug has been discovered that affects the web and Android mobile versions of the popular messaging service. The flaw can be exploited via a WhatsApp message containing thousands of emojis that causes it to crash.
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Twitter is telling Hillary that she's #NotMyAbuela

On Monday, the Democratic front-runner's campaign site featured a brand new blog post, "7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela.” Sadly, the Twitterverse didn't take kindly to that list.
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Hinge dating app breaks the ice by matching experiences as conversation starters

Hinge, a relatively unknown dating app, has released a new update that aims to create conversations between users. The matchmaking service now asks users a series of questions in order to find common interests between users.
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Google said to be planning new messaging app that’ll let you text a chatbot

Google may be building a messaging app that besides letting you chat with buddies also offers assistance via chatbots. The app could be a move to stay dominant in search by taking on the likes of Facebook Messenger, which is working on a…