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Pinterest has just replaced one of its defining features

Pinterest has renamed its defining "Pin It" button in order to make its platform more accessible to international users. Alongside the name change, the platform has also modified pins to make it easier for users to discover more things they…

Facebook has just killed off an app that you may not have even heard of

Facebook has just killed off its Notify app. Reportedly having received only 63,000 downloads, the app, which pushed news notifications to mobile devices, clearly failed to catch on, though the company says it's learned a lot about how to…
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Victim spots mugger on Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’

Definitely an interesting way to accidentally stumble across a criminal, a mugging victim discovered their attacker's name and picture along the right sidebar of Facebook's 'People You May Know' feature.
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Twitter to showcase exclusive 360-degree videos from NBA Finals

Twitter has jumped on the 360-degree video bandwagon thanks to a new deal with Samsung that brings exclusive clips from the NBA Finals to the platform. The footage arrives just in time for the Cleveland Cavaliers match against the Golden…
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Trending up: Snapchat passes Twitter in daily users with more than 150 million

Snapchat has increased its daily users to more than 150 million, moving the mobile visual messaging app ahead of Twitter's estimated 140 million daily users.

WhatsApp and a selfie come to stranded hikers’ rescue

A selfie sent to a rescue team saved a British couple stranded at the top of a cliffside ledge. In addition to the photo, the couple also sent their location via WhatsApp.
Emerging Tech

Here’s what yesterday’s swarm intelligence AMA predicted about the future of politics

A swarm intelligence set upon Reddit yesterday for an IAmA session, in which redditors were invited to ask any questions about politics, as users on a swarm intelligence platform collaborated to answer in real time.
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Facebook's text understanding engine is reading thousands of posts every second

Facebook has unveiled a 'text understanding engine' called DeepText. It's a system that can apparently read and understand thousands of posts published to the service every second.

Trump settles lawsuit over bald eagle photo used by campaign

Despite his claims to the contrary, Donald Trump does indeed settle. Lawsuits, that is. The latest legal action to not be fully litigated against the presumptive Republican nominee has to do with an "iconic" image of a bald eagle.
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Facebook may well be listening in on your conversations, and here’s how to stop it

According to Professor Kelli Burns, who teaches mass communication at the University of South Florida, Facebook may be listening in on your conversations more often than it lets on.
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Eiffel Tower to be lit up using social media posts during Euro 2016 soccer tournament

France will let social media users decide the colors that will light up the Eiffel Tower for the month-long Euro 2016 soccer tournament. The most creative tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts will also be projected onto the…

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg tells critics that Peter Thiel is staying put

Facebook has finally addressed the Peter Thiel controversy, with COO Sheryl Sandberg insisting that the billionaire entrepreneur will remain on its board. Thiel has come under fire over his secret funding of Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against…