Fitbit wearer’s heart rate drops after breakup

Love hurts, and now, your Fitbit can prove it. No more of this qualitative emotions-driven approach; science can now check out your heartbreak (or lack thereof) by way of your heart rate.

Baidu can use map data to give early warnings about dangerous crowds

Baidu, China’s version of Google, is making the case that it can use queries made on its maps service to predict areas where overcrowding may put people at risk for fatal accidents.

22-year-old designer explains how he leaked a fake Nintendo NX controller

This past week, a handful of images arose claiming to uphold the validity of a controller patent from last year for Nintendo's next console. Luckily, none of them are real, but they did take some clever design tricks to pull off.

1.5 million Verizon Enterprise customers' data has been stolen, and is now for sale

The latest failure in cybersecurity lies at the feet of Verizon. And not just any division of Verizon, but rather Verizon Enterprise, the unit responsible for helping some of the world's biggest companies deal with data breaches.

These gorgeous maps will show you how your city sounds

A team of researchers from Europe has mined data from Flickr to help create beautiful-looking interactive maps that let you see how your city sounds.

Oops! Google Maps error leads to wrong house being demolished

Google Maps has been blamed by a Texas-based demolition firm for directing it to the wrong building for a recent job. But here's the worst part – it was only after the home had been torn down that the mistake was discovered.

Record-breaking fiber-optic research is good news for high-speed VR, 4K data transfer

Engineers at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champagne broke a record by delivering the fastest "error free" transfer speeds through fiber-optic wires, to date. The technology is promising for sending big data quickly.
Smart Home

Google's smart home assistant could take on Amazon's Echo

The Amazon Echo has been a huge success, but Google is reportedly looking to build a home assistant of its own. Although little is known about the device itself, reports hint that Google will lead the project -- not Nest.

Kayak hack lets you search for flights and hotels within Slack messages

Travel website Kayak has added support for searches within the Slack messaging tool. Now, you can quickly find flight and hotel information simply by hacking Slack with "/kayak" and a search query.

Gmail will now warn you if you’re being targeted by the government

Google is beefing up security inside Gmail, giving users much more prominent warnings when they could be a target of state-backed hacks, or when they're about to click on a link that will take them to a suspicious website.

PayPal hopes to launch Xoom in Cuba before the end of the year

PayPal's President Dan Schulman, along with other tech companies, joined President Barack Obama on his first trip to Cuba as President. Schulman expects PayPal's money transferring service Xoom service to be available in Cuba by the end of…

Apple’s next move against the FBI is to build its own servers

Apple's brief battle with the FBI is in hiatus, but the company is still looking towards the future, and will reportedly be building its own cloud infrastructure from scratch to prevent future snooping incidents.