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Asus puts a geometric spin on Google TV with the Qube set-top box

Asus takes a design cue from Boxee with the strikingly square Qube set-top box, which dresses Google TV in a unique cube-based interface to match its look.

Canon at CES 2013: Point-and-shoots and camcorders, plus new ‘connected’ PowerShot N

Although the company isn't making a huge splash at CES, Canon is introducing a unique PowerShot series that's different from anything in its lineup.
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AT&T announces the 4G Pantech Discover, a 4.8-inch, 720p Android phone for $50

AT&T has announced the availability of the Pantech Discover, a smartphone with a 4.8-inch screen and a dual-core processor, at a very competitive price.

The Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert: How the Yoga broke me

Andrew finally gets his hands on the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, but his first venture into Windows 8 turn sour fast as hardware problems plague the convertible laptop.
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Alcatel grabs world’s thinnest smartphone trophy with the One Touch Idol Ultra, launches 5-inch Scribe HD too

Alcatel has announced a selection of new smartphones all with their own headline-grabbing feature, including the One Touch Idol Ultra, billed as the thinnest smartphone currently available.

Texas Instruments developing a whole different kind of in-car infotainment with TI DLP technology

The new DLP-powered system is designed to make infotainment more usable, while simultaneously cutting down on distractions.

Lexus steps up to Google with its own self-driving car at CES 2013

Lexus will show off a self-driving LS at CES 2013, challenging early leaders in the space with its own proprietary technology.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors accelerate with leaked image showing buttonless design

A leaked image supposedly showing the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 indicates the phone could have a larger screen and do away with the home button.

Thief enters Microsoft base in Silicon Valley but steals only Apple products

A thief who entered a Microsoft facility in Silicon Valley over Christmas wasn't in the least bit tempted by any Surface tablets or Xboxes on show, choosing instead to make off with five iPads made by rival tech firm Apple.

Google’s Eric Schmidt on a private visit to North Korea

Eric Schmidt is on a visit to one of the world's most closed countries this week. The Google chairman is accompanying the former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson on a humanitarian mission with the trip apparently having nothing to do…
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Samsung still working on Android 4.1 for Galaxy S2, release could come soon

A Samsung webpage detailing some of the features the Galaxy S2 will gain after its update to Android 4.1 has been discovered, indicating the company is still working on the new software.