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Google adds sliders to help declutter Google+ streams

Ideal for curating the amount of posts within a Google+ feed, new features added this week should be helpful to most Google+ users.

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King of the Web, where new YouTube celebrities are crowned

Anyone can aspire to be a Web celebrity, but actually doing so is a whole other matter. Enter King of the Web, which lets the audience decide the next Web celebrity.

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July saw Twitter dethroned as America’s second-favorite social network

Move over, Twitter; you're no longer America's second-favorite social network. That position has been taken by VEVO, the video-sharing network, which overtook the micro-blogging service in terms of traffic for the first time last month, according to comScore.

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The Evernote evolution continues with Evernote Business and Moleskine ‘Smart Notebook’

The productivity platform continues to assert itself with a new niche, Corporate-focused application and a smart notebook from Moleskine.


Fact-checking Facedeals: A little background about the retail-focused consumer scanner

Recently announced face recognition and rewards system Facedeals is raising all sorts of eyebrows, so here's a little more background on the device that's certainly coming to a store near you.

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Facebook update offers smoother, faster iOS app

Facebook's latest update to its iOS app offers a faster and smoother user experience -- one that many have been waiting for.


How CouchSurfing should use that new $15 million

CouchSurfing his outgrown its humble roots to attract some serious money from investors. But what should the free travel site do with the money?

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Twitter kills Tumblr’s friend-finding privileges

Twitter has revoked Tumblr's friend-finding privileges, just as it did to Instagram weeks ago.

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Facebook-Instagram deal gets green light from FTC

The US Federal Trade Commission announced on Wednesday it had finished its investigation into Facebook's acquisition of Instagram and would not be taking any further action, paving the way for the deal to be sealed.


Where is the most cuss-friendly place in America?

Thanks to a new tool online, we can look and see what parts of the United States are most vocal in telling each other to Eff Off on Twitter. Somewhere, Cee-Lo Green must feel so proud.

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Facebook launches Sponsored Results, gives Messages a split-screen redesign

Facebook rolled out two major redesigns today: The new Sponsored Stories ad program, and a redesign of Facebook Messages.

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Bing and Quora’s new ‘social sidebar’ still needs some work

Bing is bolstering its social search results with its latest partnership with Quora and a new "social sidebar." If only it worked well...

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YouTube now lets mobile users skip ads

Hate the ad playing on YouTube? Lucky for you, YouTube is integrating its TrueView skippable ads in its mobile platform.


McDonald’s, Nickelodeon, and General Mills in trouble for using refer-a-friend tactics with kids

McDonald's, Subway, and Turner Broadcasting run just a sampling of the kid-focused sites that are trying to track young users.

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Is Facebook floundering? What slipping stock prices really mean

Facebook's IPO drew the eyes of the entire world, but now shares are trading at roughly half their original value. Is the company really in trouble, or the victim of Wall Street wonkiness?

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